Sunday, December 28, 2008


Charismatic, mysterious and full of promises, if I could put a face on the NEW YEAR, that is how I think it would be.
Handsome and with an ironed shirt....

I will hope he would bring a nice bouquet of flowers and show me some of his chivalrous manners.
And if he were nice enough I would try to keep him...At least for one year...

And when he leaves, I would remember him for all the nice things he made me feel; for the places I got to see and for the people I got to meet when he was around.

May your NEW YEAR be happy, healthy and full of accomplished dreams!


Fantastic Figments said...

AWWW i loved this a lot how nice I love when people personify things.

I am feeling much better thank you. I had a terrible infection do to a cyst I have by my tailbone. Messy messy. Still very much in the healing process. Just got back to work this week I have been out for some time but trying to get back into the swing of things.

Have a great day.


SigrĂșn said...

Well put and I hope you have a succesful new year too! I'm new to your blog and its seems really interesting. What really touched me was the choice of music you had on your song list. It really summed up my feelings today. So thank you for that,a very moving moment.