Monday, November 3, 2008


We cannot touch it. We cannot buy it. There is no formula on how to create it. We can wish it, and we can feel it, comes sometimes when we most need it, and can leave abruptly when we let go....
A very close friend, Carmen was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer; she may not be with us to celebrate the New Year.
My words can assure her that everything will be fine, even tough I feel it may not be that way.
She has HOPE, like a blinding energy that illuminates her days. I am amazed on how happy she is and on how much strength she gives us, instead of us giving to her. Almost as if she knows that everything will be ok.
.... And sometimes, I feel that we are the ones that stopped hoping, and she just carries on...
Today, I HOPE that she keeps brightening our lives, and that her heart keeps filling ours with the same light.

Thank you


Christina Silverio said...

Very touching; my prayers are with your wonderful friend.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

WHAT a beautiful post!

so very sorry to hear about your friend Carmen... what a beautiful person... may God cover her & her family in immense love!

Tomás Serrano said...

Es un dibujo precioso, perfecto para el texto que lo acompaña. Me gusta la expresión de la mujer, no necesitamos ver más, y la mariposa tan original. En fin, deseo lo mejor para tu amiga.

Julie-ann said...

Love this art. A lot of thought and adventure just in the corner!

Leslie said...

So very special Carmen. It is amazing that many of the people facing adversity or even death are often more comforting to us than we can be to them. They seem to have an inner peace that is sometimes lacking in many healthy people. I am always amazed by this and wonder how I can emmulate this and send it out to the world and to everyone I meet.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and I send prayers up for your friend!