Monday, September 29, 2008

Changing the Past

   Perhaps you have thought about this question more than once: “ If you could change the past, what would you change”

My first reaction: -should I start in alphabetical order?

In reality, if we really could, for some unknown magical power should we?


 Life for many of us could have been a rocky path, with only a few smooth patches, and most of the time too painful to walk, questioning about fairness on each step…

 And there was a point when clarity started to come, when all those tears, got dried by the sun, and when all of the sudden, everything had a reason to be.

 Like looking at a farmers hands, seeing those dry lines. The hard work, timeless days, and in the end seeing at the harvest with beaming eyes full of pride.

 Those experiences made us who we are today, stronger, wiser, patient, and more to count.

 So go ahead walk tall and if you look back, be proud of what you are today.

 Life is short and the path is yours. If you always take the safest passage you may miss out on some of life's beauty.


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lunara said...

Que linda! Mil Gracias a ti por q existen personas (como tú) que aprecian el arte.., para ti todo esto que hacemos los artistas..
Besotes...!!! ^_^